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Success Story : Insulated Vaccine Packaging

SUCCESS STORIES share actual product applications using the strength of Insul-Fab's capabilities and supplier relationships to solve customer challenges.


InsulFab is designing custom-configurable, closed cell foam packaging trays, racks and enclosures for storage, transport and distribution of standard 10 ml tubular borosilicate and other glass vaccine vials. The trays are designed for use in the cold-chain distribution process, or with end-users (such as hospitals and clinics) where shelf-life, thermal management, and shatter-resistance are necessary for successful vaccine administration.

The Challenge

A potential InsulFab customer that manufactures 10 ml glass vials for pharmaceutical vaccine distribution inquired about closed cell foam packaging trays that would be suitable for securely transporting vials and maintaining temperature stability during distribution. In addition, the closed cell foam would need to perform well in extremely cold temperatures of -80° C (-112° F) or below, cut and thermoformed with ease, and offered in medically acceptable grades and colors.

The Solution

InsulFab applied its experience with a wide range of closed cell foams and provided the customer with a solution that met the challenge.  Zotefoams manufactures high-performance, crosslinked, closed cell foams from engineered polymers using temperature, pressure and nitrogen. The combined foaming process and polymer performance delivers desirable properties such as excellent fire resistance, durability, and thermal insulation as compared to the standard open and closed cell alternatives. The foam is easily convertible and adaptable to various converting operations and methods such as CNC routing, waterjet cutting, and thermoforming.  This makes the foam well suited for securely storing and transporting frozen vials, even at extreme temperatures. The foam also minimizes thermal expansion and contraction that would otherwise make removing the frozen vials challenging. 

Keys to Success

  •  Understanding the required properties of a wide range of thermal insulating materials
  •  Ability to design and prototype 3 dimensional parts from CAD files, machine cut, thermoform, and test performance in its lab
  •  Authorized Zotefoams Fabricator


 NAICS Codes: 326150, 561910, 327213

Sales Engineer: Larry Huling

SS014 - 1/5/21


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