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Success Story : Aircraft Interior Damping Tape

SUCCESS STORIES share actual product applications using the strength of Insul-Fab's capabilities and supplier relationships to solve customer challenges.

The Challenge

Materials Specification Engineers at one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers needed a vibration damping foam tape to install under aircraft interior floor panels to maintain a soft, cushioned bond between surfaces. Both the foam and adhesive needed to meet a number of specific aerospace requirements, particularly the strict flammability requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

The Solution

Insul-Fab’s experience with material selection and adhesive lamination led the engineering team to a cellular foam solution incorporating Armacell® Cellular Foam Products. Armacell® products offer excellent flame retardance, vibration damping, and low compression set. The acrylic chosen is a pressure sensitive adhesive that was carefully selected to promote superior bondage to the foam, while still allowing the foam tape to adhere to the stringers that run through the cross-section of the cabin, separating it from the fuselage. The foam tape is fabricated in over 50 different thickness and width combinations to accommodate any additional areas where spaces and gaps may exist between surfaces. This includes windows, galleys, lavatories, storage bins, and a number of other areas where vibration and rattling can occur over the course of a plane’s lifecycle. The foam tapes are also used heavily in the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) market for in-service aircraft. 

Learn more about these aircraft foam products here.

Keys to Success

  • Access to Armacell® as an Authorized Distributor and Fabricator
  • Ability to conduct material testing to meet density, flammability, and compression deflection requirements
  • Ability to meet Customer’s strict New Vendor Guidelines for Quality and Credit
  • Ability to utilize Customer’s ordering, quality, and engineering platforms

Market: Aerospace and Aircraft Interiors 

NAICS: 326150, 336413

Application: Vibration damping tape for flooring and other surfaces

Sales Engineer: Shelby Ricketts

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 SS015 02/24/21

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