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Insul-Fab offers a wide range of open and closed cell foam insulation for use in generators, diesel engines or other mechanical equipment.

Many of the thermal insulation, foam rubber, and specialty tape products INSUL-FAB offers are utilized in OEM industrial insulation applications to improve performance, safety, acoustic environment, and longevity.  Our Application Engineers combined with industry-leading material suppliers to help our customers develop the right solution for each application.  We understand the demanding supply chain requirements for this industry and maintain a quality system and production capabilities in the U.S. and Mexico that fit any level of need.

Thermal Insulation
  • Fiberglass, mineral wools, fire-proof insulation for attachment to panels or wrapped around equipment or components
  • Thermal blankets for hot pipes in OEM equipment
  • Heat shields for protection from nearby heat sources
  • Mitigate heat flow and condensation
  • Meet regulatory requirements for thermal resistance
  • Protective wraps on hot components
Fabricated Foam & Rubber
  • Air flow seals along sheet metal mating surfaces in equipment, plenum boxes, and duct flanges
  • Liquid and moisture seals around pipes, doors, and panels
  • Compression pads for isolating components and vibration
  • Grommets for pipe penetrations
  • High-temperature gaskets for furnace and ovens
Fabricated Plastics
  • Thermoformed plastic covers
  • Machined plastic components
  • RF (radio frequency) sealed vinyl covers and pads
  • Clear plastic panels for displays and view-through covers
Acoustic & Noise Control
  • Sound blankets and covers for acoustic enclosure of compressors, tubs, and motors
  • Sheet metal damping for vibration noise
  • Reducing noise levels of equipment for consumer satisfaction

Electrical Insulation

  • Safety barriers in control modules and power supplies
  • Dielectric insulation of PCBs from nearby sheet metal
  • UL 94V-0 flame retardant plastics films and sheets
Specialty Tapes
  • Attachment tapes to replace mechanical fasteners
  • Gasket and sealing tapes for air and moisture 

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