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Our electromechanical insulation product offering includes flame-retardant polypropylene, thermal interface materials, and EMI Shielding

INSUL-FAB provides OEM insulation solution electronics to companies in the Electronics, Lighting, and Power Management Equipment markets with technical products for numerous applications.  Our lighting insulation solutions products make equipment more efficient, quieter, cooler, safer, and long-lasting.  Our Application Engineers combined with industry-leading material suppliers help our customers develop the right solution for each application.  We understand the demanding supply chain requirements for this industry and maintain a quality system, prototyping, and production capabilities in the U.S. and Mexico that fit any level of need.

Electrical Insulation
  • Safety barriers in computing & data storage equipment and power supplies
  • Dielectric insulators for PCBs to protect from nearby shorting or arcing dangers
  • UL 94V-0 and 5VA flame retardant films and sheets for power inverters, LED lighting boards, and power components
Thermal Interface Materials
  • Gap pads, thin films, and putty type parts for conducting heat from source to heatsink
  • Thermally conductive tapes for attachment with heat flow
Thermal Control Products
  • Thermoformed air ducts to maximize cooling via fans
  • Fold-to-shape fan shrouds and air baffles
  • Board and component replicators for maintaining thermal properties in a system that’s not fully populated
Thermal Insulation
  • Foam insulation for attachment to panels inside of outdoor enclosures to protect against solar heat load
  • Fiberglass insulation with foil for reflective heat shields
Fabricated Foam & Rubber
  • Air flow seals within enclosures to minimize air pressure loss
  • Liquid and moisture seals for enclosures and water cooled electronics
  • Compression pads for isolating components, vibration protection, and pressure application
  • Acoustic panels inside of rack systems for noise control
Fabricated Plastics
  • Thermoformed air ducts to maximize cooling via fans
  • Formed or folded covers for component protection
  • Machined plastic parts made from FR-4, GPO, acetal, and nylon
  • Drain pans in water cooled systems
EMI/RFI Control
  • Conductive foam gaskets for connectors and openings
  • Flexible EMI shielding laminates for custom applications in medical and defense electronic hardware
Specialty Tapes
  • Conductive foil and fabric tapes for EMI control
  • Polyimide tapes for dielectric insulation
  • Specialty polyester tapes for assembly

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